"The ultimate aim of education is the development of character"


Admissions Office, Language Centre and Scholarship Abroad is a supportive resource of 21st century education and learning skills and Thailand 4.0 in order to prepare students, teachers and staff to become global citizens.


Admissions Office and Scholarship Abroad

  1. General Administration
    1. Create strategic plans and action plans
    2. Create work, projects, and budget request
    3. Issue a certificate in English
    4. Coordinate accommodation, transportation, conference room and other aspects, as well as prepare souvenirs for attendees who pay a visit on any other occasions
    5. Keep the record of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    6. Draft letters and documents and handle correspondence
    7. Promote and publicize international relations work and activities to the associated group of people
  2. International Relations and Education Abroad
    1. Take reponsibility for international cooperation, receiving or providing assistance and foreign exchanges
    2. Coordinate with international organizations to provide assistance and exchange
    3. Coordinate with international organizations to provide academic assistance
    4. Provide academic cooperation to foreign educational institutions
    5. Coordinate with any organizations to sign agreements or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    6. Supervise, monitor and evaluate the operation of exchange projects
  3. Ceremony and General Information
    1. Welcome foreign visitors
    2. Coordinate international relations with educational administrators of The Prince Royal’s College and other schools, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassies
    3. Publish news in English or other foreign languages on International Relations Division Website
    4. Create school recommendation documents in foreign languages
    5. Write an opening and closing English speech for the conference and write an English speech for other occasions
    6. Create official documents in English
    7. Create a handbook for foreign students
  4. Scholarships and Memorandum of Understanding
    1. Search for funding sources for personnel and students
    2. Provide advice on education abroad to teachers, staff and students
    3. Coordinate exchange programs
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Language Centre

  1. Provide Thai courses and English courses or PRC General English (CEFR Program and ESL Kids Program) and 3rd language courses, for example, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French and others to students, teachers and general public
  2. Provide extracurricular study in English, for example, Learn InDesign in English class and translation classes
  3. Develop students’ foreign language skills focusing on Media Arts Club students. For example, organize translation class and interpretation class to integrate Language Centre’s work with the International Relations Division and to enhance learning skills and life skills for 21st Century (English skill, critical thinking skill, digital literacy, collaboration and Thailand 4.0) and encourage students to create innovations and participate in international competitions
  4. Develop PRC English Website with the staff of International Relations Division and Media Arts Club students

Other work as assigned

Organization Chart

Teacher Pratinrat Villarroel

Head of To Serve – Admissions Office, Language Centre, and Scholarship Abroad

Teacher Benyapa Sangngern

Coordinator at To Serve – Admissions Office, Language Centre, and Scholarship Abroad

Teacher Siriwan Donfungprai

Coordinator at To Serve – Admissions Office, Language Centre, and Scholarship Abroad


News Update

Media Arts Club's Meeting on June 14th, 2022

PRC International Relations Division held MAC’s meeting on June 14th, 2022, under COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures. The activity was held to present certificates to MAC students who have completed MAC Junior & Senior Translators and Interpreters Program in academic year 2021. 

Congratulations to all student who took part in
MAC Writing Competition 2022 and particularly our prize winners...

Congratulations to 3 MAC students

  1. Mstr. Tanyatorn Luangkalayanakun
  2. Ms. Palin Chaiwan Uthaiyos
  3. Mstr. Krttin Wasanasomsagul

for receiving awards from the pitch competition “International Friends for PEACE DAY 2022” on International Peace Day 2022 at Chulalongkorn University

Contact us

Office :To Serve Building, The Prince Royal’s College

Tel : 053-242-038 ext. 252 (T. Pratinrat) 224 (T. Siriwan) 254 (T. Benyapa)