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P.4-6 English Excellence Program (EEP) Parents Day 2023 “TROLLS THE MUSICAL”

P.4-6 English Excellence Program (EEP) Parents Day 2023 “TROLLS THE MUSICAL” on 27 January 2024 Parents were cheering when stage came alive as the English Excellence Program students at the Prince Royal’s College took center stage in a mesmerizing annual event titled “Trolls The Musical”. This spectacle display showcased the English ability and creative prowess of the students turning the spotlight on their acting, singing, and dancing skills. “Trolls The Musical” was a celebration of storytelling through the dramatic arts, providing students with a platform to explore, express, and bring creative work to life on stage. The event not only entertained but also emphasized the importance of performance as a powerful tool for understanding and appreciating notable stories. “Trolls The Musical” explored the story of a hideous creature who’d been solitary and seemed to have no hope with the world of humans. Being alone taught him that he only needed himself to thrive. Until one day, he had an encounter with humans. His contact with humans was at first unpleasant, however they showed him goodness, friendship and understanding.